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I love flowers and have several, large flower gardens. Yes, they are a lot of work between dead-heading, weeding, watering, and keeping them mulched – but I just love to garden.

I received a lovely gift for my garden

Yesterday a package arrived in the mail from Amazon – Ben says to me “What did you order THIS time?”  My response – “honestly I didn’t buy anything!”

Inside the box, a lovely note from Matt Rissell of TSheets (makers of a great QuickBooks add-on for timetracking) thanking me for taking time out of my day on Tuesday to join them for the Appify webinar.  Hoping that this gift added a bright touch to that amazing garden of mine.

Inside the box – a beautiful birdbath!  I just love it!

birdbath from TSheetsI think it makes an incredible addition to the garden!  What do you think?

birdbath in the gardenI can’t wait until I see the first bird in it!  I may not go to work at all this summer!

Thank you so much Matt, Jessie, Jennifer and the entire TSheets Team – you all are just awesome :-)

Hummingbirds and flowers

Hummingbirds are such beautiful little birds.  The first one arrived the day before Mother’s Day – actually we almost ran into each other.  I was walking out the front door and I guess he was coming to find me – wanting to know where HIS feeder was LOL.

They risk life and wing to travel thousands of miles, the males arrive first, choose a spot and build a nest.  The females then arrive, lay their little eggs and then they all spend the rest of the summer fighting!

Hummingbirds are seldom still – they seem like they are in constant motion.  This is one that I call “King Hummer” as he will land somewhere and remain on the look out for others that he feels are invading his territory.  Here he’s sitting on a peony ring in the garden.

hummerI’m not sure what he’s on the lookout for…maybe he’s just enjoying the flowers.


The FIRST daffodil of Spring!

It’s really been pretty cold & blustery here in Vermont, in the 40’s and sometimes 50’s  – usually by this time of year it’s at least in the 60’s.

The crocus have been quite happy and were almost in bloom from the time the snow melted.  And they have been quite happy and have actually been in bloom for the last month or so.


Today, the very first daffodil of the season actually opened – and I’m so EXCITED!

1st daffodil

And of course, Max has to get into the action as well – he’s guarding the garden – I’m not sure from what though!  And I swear he only shows his “teeth” when he’s happy!

max guardingAhhh, SPRING!


We were overrun with squirrels and chipmunks in 2012 and the darn chipmunks would get into the big flower garden and dig up my crocus bulbs and stash them for later.  I was so discouraged that I didn’t plant any new ones last fall – figuring what good is it – the darn little buggers will just dig them up again anyway!

But I love crocus, to me they are the first signs of a REAL Spring here in Vermont after a long, cold winter.  So I was thrilled to see that they at least left me some!






As Ben and I walked the trail out back that leads into the woods with Max, we found scattered crocus all over the place – so I guess the chipmunks didn’t get them all!