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There is always something going on in this yard! From the critters that come to visit, the birds that we feed, and unfortunately the messes we make in the name of “home improvements” – well all in all it becomes pretty darn interesting.

It was just a rhubarb kind of day

Tuesday was a nice cool day – perfect for canning and my rhubarb patch was going nuts – so I decided to go down and cut some and spend what I thought would be part of the day in the kitchen.  Little did I know – 18 cups of chopped rhubarb and 8 hours later I was finally done!

I didn’t think that I’d cut a lot of rhubarb – because it hardly looked like I’d cut much from the rhubarb patch.

rhubarb stalksUntil I got it all chopped up!

chopped rhubarbThe final result:

4 – half pints of rhubarb chutney

4 pints of Vanilla Rhubarb sauce

13 jars of Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

and a Rhubarb coffee cake!


rhubarb kinda day

The Vegetable garden is getting tilled!

I’m so excited, the vegetable garden is FINALLY dry enough to be tilled!

I was joking with Ben that perhaps I should first mow the winter rye because it was so tall!  The blueberries are on the left and the strawberries are on the right.  That incredible “green” expanse in the middle is the winter rye where the garden will be.

mow the gardenI’ve made up my mind that I “need” a bigger tractor – one with a tiller attachment for the back, like Dale has here in this picture – now to convince Ben that we “need” a 3rd John Deere!

bigger tractorWoo hoo!  Now I’m ready to plant the garden Memorial Day Weekend!

ready to plantI can’t wait!

Spring Cleanup

We FINALLY have gotten some decent weather, where it’s been warm enough to get outside and work int he yard and the ground isn’t a soggy, squishy mess woo hoo!

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had half days in the yard and boy have I been busy!

The blueberries needed a lot of damage pruning from the ice storm just before Christmas and then all the snow in March and April.

blueberriesThe raspberry beds were a weedy mess and again a lot of winter damage. This one was the worst. But hey, the rhubarb bed looks good – can’t wait to cut some fresh rhubarb and make muffins and crisp.

raspberries rhubarbThe other two raspberry beds fared better over the winter, but there was still a lot of cleanup to do.

raspberries 2-3They are already leafing out – I’m so excited! Now if I can just keep the darn Japanese Beetles from attacking them!

signs of springGot the strawberry bed in shape, put in the rebar and the “hoops” made from black plastic pipe. Need to get out the plastic and cover them – last year we had a late frost while the strawberries were flowering and it killed all the flowers – which meant NO strawberries — bummer. Isn’t going to happen again this year! I’m thinking of planting my peppers in the other half of the row while waiting for the strawberry runners to produce new plants.

strawberriesOn Monday of this week, we had a dump truck load of mulch delivered and we’ve been mulching fools! Buy the time I got this picture Ben had already taken two wagon loads from the pile. Love this wagon that we bought for the ATV – holds SO much more than the old wagon that we have.

mulchEverything has gotten mulch – blueberries, all 3 raspberry beds, and the strawberries. Max even got a bunch of new mulch under his favorite Maple tree! The poor little Oak is still hanging onto last years leaves.

max mapleOh this yard is a LOT of work, but this makes it all worthwhile. Last Tuesday the first daffodil opened – this is what the front garden looks like this morning!

daffodil garden

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Where is Spring?

I swear I’m beginning to wonder if Spring will ever come to the Northeast corner of Vermont.  The last 2 snow storms have really dumped the white stuff.

This is my yard on April 27, 2013 (notice the well house).


This is my yard as of last night (March 24, 2014) again take a look at the well house.


I think it will be quite a few more days before I can sit on the deck.


And these are the snowbanks in the middle of our driveway.  Somewhere under/behind all that snow is a flower garden.


Anyone else, besides me, sick of winter?

Well Drilling

A few weeks ago, our second dug well which takes care of the office, greenhouse and the vegetable garden got so low that we couldn’t pump water out of it anymore.  The main well which takes care of the house and the in-law apartment was and has been low but ok.  In the 11 years that we’ve been here, we’ve never had water problems, but after a winter of very little snow (for us) and a very hot (for us) summer of very little rain – to have the well for the garden get that low was pretty darn scary – because I don’t think that the weather is going to get any better.  So we decided to bite the bullet and have a well drilled that would take care of the water needs for everything, while keeping the 2 dug wells as a “reserve”.

In order to keep the bumper crop of tomatoes watered – Ben & I were taking 5 gallon buckets (lots of them) down to the local pond and filling them up and bringing them home and pretty much hand watering everything – what a pain!

Yesterday, the well drillers arrived – WOO HOO!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have this passion for trucks and equipment, so I was very happy to have not one but two big Kenworths in the yard yesterday LOL!  I mean really – who wouldn’t be excited to have these two big trucks sitting in their yard with all this very cool stuff?  The diesel engines of these bad boys purred like very loud kittens as they sat and idled in the driveway before the guys backed them in and got them positioned between the greenhouse and the office.

Right click to enlarge

The actual drilling truck is pretty darn impressive.

Right click to enlarge

All afternoon, I was trying to figure out how I could get them to leave me a set of keys for the trucks…..and I was thrilled when the left the drilling truck overnight – but darn them – they left it boobie trapped!  How the heck can you go for a joy ride when it’s all jacked up in the air like this??????  They were considerate enough to leave a ladder!  LOL

Right click to enlarge

I really need to find out where they bought these huge vats – I need two, one to hold all of the tomatoes left in the garden and another to hold all the tomato puree!

Right click to enlarge

Of course, this presents another problem…where do I find a stove big enough to hold this so I can cook down all that puree?  Oh well – something to think about isn’t it?  And something to have a good giggle over!

These guys are busy though – they have 21 more wells to drill after ours – they say that they will probably be working most of the winter.