We were overrun with squirrels and chipmunks in 2012 and the darn chipmunks would get into the big flower garden and dig up my crocus bulbs and stash them for later.  I was so discouraged that I didn’t plant any new ones last fall – figuring what good is it – the darn little buggers will just dig them up again anyway!

But I love crocus, to me they are the first signs of a REAL Spring here in Vermont after a long, cold winter.  So I was thrilled to see that they at least left me some!






As Ben and I walked the trail out back that leads into the woods with Max, we found scattered crocus all over the place – so I guess the chipmunks didn’t get them all!


One thought on “Crocus”

  1. I have had similar experiences with squirrels in Washington state. I saw them scurrying around with my tulip bulbs in their mouths in the fall. The next spring I was surprised to see tulips blooming in my lawn. The squirrels stash away food for winter, but I don’t think their memories are very good.

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