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Frost warning causes veggie mayhem!

So Tuesday night the weathermen were predicting a FROST!  Yup, I said it – a frost…..

What does this mean when you still have a garden full of tomatoes like this?

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Well, you have no choice but to pick what you can – because there is just way too much to cover and not enough to cover it with.  And pick we did!

Squash, peppers, cukes, and tomatoes….

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and more tomatoes……..

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and their are tomatoes EVERYWHERE!

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Well there was no frost – but I certainly got a lot of veggies picked and in a hurry…….. now to just get them all taken care of.  14 1/2 quarts of sauce – with the last of them in the canner right now….I’ll get to work before too much longer.

Now to take care of the rest.

I hate weathermen!

2 thoughts on “Frost warning causes veggie mayhem!”

    1. Nope, they are buttercup squash – absolutely excellent keepers! We put them down in the basement and we’ll have squash right through till Easter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen kabocha squash up here……

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