Hummingbirds and flowers

Hummingbirds are such beautiful little birds.  The first one arrived the day before Mother’s Day – actually we almost ran into each other.  I was walking out the front door and I guess he was coming to find me – wanting to know where HIS feeder was LOL.

They risk life and wing to travel thousands of miles, the males arrive first, choose a spot and build a nest.  The females then arrive, lay their little eggs and then they all spend the rest of the summer fighting!

Hummingbirds are seldom still – they seem like they are in constant motion.  This is one that I call “King Hummer” as he will land somewhere and remain on the look out for others that he feels are invading his territory.  Here he’s sitting on a peony ring in the garden.

hummerI’m not sure what he’s on the lookout for…maybe he’s just enjoying the flowers.


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