the friday night harvest

Just another weekend in the yard & kitchen

Friday night we left work at about 4:30 (shame on us we left early) because we knew that we had a lot of vegetables to pick in the garden.  We were finally done picking everything just a little before 7 p.m. – and look at the haul we got!  Hobo was checking out the green beans….

the friday night harvest
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Saturday was a busy day – errands in the morning and Salsa in the afternoon.  25 jars of 2 different kinds of salsa – a Raspberry Tomato Salsa and a Black Bean & Corn Salsa (recipes coming).

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Sunday involved dealing with the peppers – which we sliced into strips and froze in small packages – enough for a pizza or a stir fry – or about 18 total packages —– love my Seal A Meal!

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And then of course there were the tomatoes, which resulted in 11  quarts of tomato juice!

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I’m already at nearly 100 jars of canned goods (actually it may be a little more) – I’m not yet ready to make the final count, truthfully I’m afraid!

We’ve had so many veggies this year that I can’t keep up!  I’ve taken stuff to my Uncle, given a couple of 5 gallon buckets of cucumbers to my neighbor across the street.  Given a plastic grocery bag, chock full of cucumbers to the local nursing home, and have eaten cucumbers at least twice a day (every day) since early July!

4 thoughts on “Just another weekend in the yard & kitchen”

    1. LOL, there just aren’t enough hours in the day are there? I’m hoping the raspberry salsa is good – I bought some somewhere last year and it was out of this world – this is “my version” (ok, that means it’s an experiment). It may need some further tweaking but we’ll see :-)

    1. Candie
      We’ve been really happy with our Seal-A-Meal. We live in thTe boonies and the local chain grocery store has awful meat (as well as prices!) so we go to Costco about once every 3 months (a 2 hour trip one way) and buy a lot of meat. The secret is to partially freeze everything before you put it in the seal-a-meal pouches.

      We did a mixture with our peppers – flash froze some of the peppers and then put them in the pouches and then just put some freshly sliced into pouches.

      All of the blueberries that we picked (about 9 gallons) were flash frozen and then put in the seal a meal – some have been frozen since the middle of July and they still look like they have no frost on them – I’m hoping – cause that’s a lot of stinking blueberries! Last year we flash froze the blueberries and put them in empty quart yogurt containers and they kept really well right up until we ran out about the first of July.

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