It was just a rhubarb kind of day

Tuesday was a nice cool day – perfect for canning and my rhubarb patch was going nuts – so I decided to go down and cut some and spend what I thought would be part of the day in the kitchen.  Little did I know – 18 cups of chopped rhubarb and 8 hours later I was finally done!

I didn’t think that I’d cut a lot of rhubarb – because it hardly looked like I’d cut much from the rhubarb patch.

rhubarb stalksUntil I got it all chopped up!

chopped rhubarbThe final result:

4 – half pints of rhubarb chutney

4 pints of Vanilla Rhubarb sauce

13 jars of Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

and a Rhubarb coffee cake!


rhubarb kinda day

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