Spring Cleanup

We FINALLY have gotten some decent weather, where it’s been warm enough to get outside and work int he yard and the ground isn’t a soggy, squishy mess woo hoo!

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had half days in the yard and boy have I been busy!

The blueberries needed a lot of damage pruning from the ice storm just before Christmas and then all the snow in March and April.

blueberriesThe raspberry beds were a weedy mess and again a lot of winter damage. This one was the worst. But hey, the rhubarb bed looks good – can’t wait to cut some fresh rhubarb and make muffins and crisp.

raspberries rhubarbThe other two raspberry beds fared better over the winter, but there was still a lot of cleanup to do.

raspberries 2-3They are already leafing out – I’m so excited! Now if I can just keep the darn Japanese Beetles from attacking them!

signs of springGot the strawberry bed in shape, put in the rebar and the “hoops” made from black plastic pipe. Need to get out the plastic and cover them – last year we had a late frost while the strawberries were flowering and it killed all the flowers – which meant NO strawberries — bummer. Isn’t going to happen again this year! I’m thinking of planting my peppers in the other half of the row while waiting for the strawberry runners to produce new plants.

strawberriesOn Monday of this week, we had a dump truck load of mulch delivered and we’ve been mulching fools! Buy the time I got this picture Ben had already taken two wagon loads from the pile. Love this wagon that we bought for the ATV – holds SO much more than the old wagon that we have.

mulchEverything has gotten mulch – blueberries, all 3 raspberry beds, and the strawberries. Max even got a bunch of new mulch under his favorite Maple tree! The poor little Oak is still hanging onto last years leaves.

max mapleOh this yard is a LOT of work, but this makes it all worthwhile. Last Tuesday the first daffodil opened – this is what the front garden looks like this morning!

daffodil garden

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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