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Talk about a bad fur day!

As a long-haired cat, I envy you humans being able to brush your hair!  Try being in my position will ya – I’m a cat, I have 4 paws I can’t hold a brush!

Thankfully my human’s are pretty good to me – one or the other of them will brush me just about every day in the summer.  That’s right, I said they BRUSH me – I just love to be brushed.

When the folks get through for the day and finally sit on the deck with me – I’m after Ben to brush me – sometimes I admit I’m pretty annoying (or so he says) cause I’ll reach up with my foot and bat him in the side.  Other times I’ll just talk to him.

Here’s the result of one of my nightly brushings – Nancy got a little carried away with the camera :-)

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Someone said this looked like smoke rising out of the top of my head, but the breeze caught that pile of excess hair!

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Aren’t I photogenic?

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The breeze caught that clump of hair and I was hoping it was gone for good!

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But no, Nancy caught it and plopped it back on top of my head.

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Humans, you are so easy to amuse!


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