The Sub-Zero boys

My sub-zero boys – they love the cold!  When the snow finally hit it was so deep that Max had a hard time getting around, so Ben broke out the snow shoes and made snowshoe trails around the yard so Max could get out and run.

sub zero

Actually, the snowshoe trails were a really good idea.  They taught Max his boundaries and he learned to walk behind us or beside us without a leash.

We all did a lot of snowshoeing over the winter – Max is one energetic puppy and oh, does he love the cold, sometimes the colder the better!

We’d take him out back and we blazed some trails through the woods.  Every time we’d turn around and head back to the house Max would grab a fallen limb and bring it home.

logger dog

We ended up with quite the collection of “sticks” in the yard and Max got his first nickname of “Logger Dog”

stick collection

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