The Water Dish

Most animals have a small water dish – not mine!  They use this aluminum watering can!

We have a wood stove which a 2 gallon aluminum teakettle that we keep on top and fill it with water so the house (and my nose) doesn’t get to dried out from the wood heat.  Because the teakettle is usually too darn hot to touch we keep this big aluminum watering can filled with water just sitting behind it.

When Hobo first wandered into our lives back in 2002 on Labor Day Weekend – we had just started building a small fire in the evening, just to take the chill out of the house.  Hobo always drank out of the watering can, so it just became habit to keep it full.

The very first night that we brought Marvin home, that watering can was the first thing he headed for when we put him down in the house.

water dish

As soon as Max saw Marvin drinking out of it – well he decided it was going to become HIS water dish as well!

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